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(1) Wallis Simpson,
Duchess of Windsor

See 15 March 2017 Lecture

(2) Stanley Spencer, Self portrait 1914
See 15 February 2017 Lecture



Wallis Simpson

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16 November 2016

Faking It
The Allure of imitation Jewels from the 1500's

Susan M Rumfitt BA(Hons) MA

18 January 2017

Chinoiserie and the Country House
(Late 17th - early 19th Century)

Ms Melissa Gallimore BA MA AMA

15 February 2017

The Miraculous Meaning of it All
Artist and Visionary, Stanley Spencer

Mrs Rose Horsepool

15 March 2017

That Woman or The Duchess of Style
Time to reassess Wallis Simpson

Mrs Anne Sebba BA(Hons) MA

19 April 2017

The Art and Culture of Fin-de-Siecle Vienna

Mr Gavin Plumley BA(Hons) MA

17 May 2017

Buried Treasures
Spectacular Hoards of Late Roman Silver

Dr Helen Rufus-Ward BA MA D Phil

21 June 2017

The Gardens of Versailles

Mrs Jane Gardiner MA

20 September 2017

A Royal Rescue
Dumfries House

Mr Matthew Williams BA(Hons) Dip AGMS AMA

18 October 2017

The Marketing of Covent Garden 1600-2000

Mr Daniel Snowman

15 November 2017

In The Bleak Midwinter
Artists' Responses to Snow

Miss Ann Clements BA FRSA